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🟡 Project status: maintenance mode[?]

YoutubeDownloader is an application that lets you download videos from YouTube. You can copy-paste URL of any video, playlist or channel and download it directly to a format of your choice. It also supports searching by keywords, which is helpful if you want to quickly look up and download videos.

This application uses YoutubeExplode under the hood to interact with YouTube.

📝 Want to learn more about how YouTube works under the hood? See Reverse-Engineering YouTube: Revisited.

Terms of use[?]

By using this project or its source code, for any purpose and in any shape or form, you grant your implicit agreement to all the following statements:

  • You condemn Russia and its military aggression against Ukraine
  • You recognize that Russia is an occupant that unlawfully invaded a sovereign state
  • You support Ukraine's territorial integrity, including its claims over temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas
  • You reject false narratives perpetuated by Russian state propaganda

To learn more about the war and how you can help, click here. Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦



  • Download videos by URL
  • Download videos from playlists or channels
  • Download videos by search query
  • Selectable video quality and format
  • Automatically embed subtitles
  • Automatically inject media tags


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