ASUS RT-N65U and RT-N56U Firmware

ASUS RT-N65U and RT-N56U Firmware

Download  Firmware version 

Mirror on Google Drive
Download from Gdrive (only RT-N56U)

If you want a newer an always up to date firmware, use openwrt. Works perfect.

Caution use at your own risk

I'm offering firmware Padavan for the Router Asus RT-N56U and Asus RT-N65U

I'm not responsible for any damage to your device of any sort.
By flashing this you take responsibility of anything that happens.
Process at your own risk!

If you want to check firmware - please make backup. 

I found some other firmware for the RT-N56U Padavan: dur-randir-mini,  mrkenz9595 and hungtoong 
Hungtoong was from 17may 2021 and mrkenz9595 from 20.oct 2021 and dur-randir from 25.oct 2021

These firmware are from hanwckf, chongshengB, padavan-ng and bugme2.
hanwckf bugme2 and chongshengB removed the firmware for the RT-N56U and the RT-N65U. Only padavan-ng and dur-randir support the RT-N56U.

I don't find any site with newer source for the RT-N65U. If you know a site write me please

All firmware all suported languages and from the original author site

You can't unpack the RAR archive?
Windows: Use 7zip Winrar etc
Linux: install unrar or under MAC: Unrarx

Padavan-ng (Forked from Angy Padavan )

PADAVAN-NG Screenshot


Screenshot RT-N65U with Kernel 3.4Screenshot Kernel 3.0

Screenshot RT-N56U 

RT-N65U hanwckf version

RT-N65U hanwckf version

 RT-N65U with Kernel 3.4 With english and german languageRT-N65U with Kernel 3.4

Use is at your own risk. I have used the original source code from and and

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