by Dirk Paehl

MCSA 2003/2008/2012 & MCSE 2012
Linux LPIC 2 certified
CCNA certified


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Update Info news on this site:
1.) CHROME/Dragon
2.) Firefox/Palemoon ...

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The daily version from many other Opensource software here for Windows.
eg. Tidy, WGET, FFDSHOW, Curl, DVDAuthor, FFMPEG, Mencoder, Mplayer, CDRTOOLS, Double Commander, Process Hacker, MPC-BE nightly builds and many more


Visit my other sites: http://www.paehl.de
and my other site: http://www.paehl-info.de

[Tutorial] Router Reconnect mit cURL

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Current news


05-Nov 2017
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 38003
FFMPEG 32bit Version 2017-11-05-0ae1f6d
FFMPEG X64 Bit Version 2017-11-05-0ae1f6d

07-Nov 2017
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit 3.1.2rel-235-g47cb4b46c

09-Nov 2017
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit 3.1.2rel-236-gc68f360e4

11-Nov 2017
CURL 7.56.1

13-Nov 2017
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 38004
FFMPEG 32bit Version 2017-11-13-43171a2
FFMPEG X64 Bit Version 2017-11-13-43171a2

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