GUI Converter and EDITOR for NSIS

(c) 2002/2007 by Dirk Paehl

NSIS is (c) by NULLSOFT: NSIS is a script setup maker, opensource. This program create a script for the version 2.0 and higher. This program was created with Delphi6 SP2 and the jedi component: Read this first please

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Last history: 28-02-2007 NSIS Editor Minor fixed

This program is an easy to use wizard, that was create a script for NSIS. Complete free. A little docu is include, at this time in german only.
All help welcome, coder with Delphi 6 skill or people they can translate in other language or you can write a helpfile and so on.

Download GUI NSIS version 0.40 BINARY for NSIS 2.0b5/rc1 the 2.0 final and higher

Language russian for gui NSIS (not include)

NSIS EDITOR 1.010 for NSIS 2.0 final and higher

Editor for NSIS version 2.0 final with synchighlight and many powerfull options.

Download version 1.010 Size: 348kb


for NSIS 2.0b4 only..
SHA1: 42b6b6628b76c1342c6e68c086ce3f9273041b36
MD5: 66de6154f01b2705e819856a37a28834
This program convert the old NSIS script 1.30 to version 1.36 (25.may).
til NSIS version from 09-sept. version 1.40

NSIS EDITOR 0.1b/0.1c Binary and Source
(Not on this site) Old version.


NSIS is a scipt maker setup without a own GUI.

Now in german:
NSIS ist (c) by NULLSOFT: NSIS ist ein Skript orientiertes Setupprogramm. Mit NSIS kann man kostenlos ein sehr gutes Setup erstellen. NSIS ist hat keine eigene Oberfläche, sondern benötigt ein Skript. Dieses Programm soll Ihnen dabei helfen dieses zu erstellen. Es wird ein Skript für die aktuelle Version erstellt

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26-Nov 2017
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 38007
FFMPEG 32bit Version 2017-11-26-3701d49
FFMPEG X64 Bit Version 2017-11-26-3701d49

27-Nov 2017
Rainmeter 4.2-r3001-beta 32/64bit version
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit 3.1.2rel-394-g54317854c
Mupdf 32/64bit 1.4-ios-2737-gb7749e56

02-Dec 2017
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit 3.1.2rel-415-ga6ffbbaa4

04-Dec 2017
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 38008

12-Dec 2017
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit 3.1.2rel-438-g92cfcdd90
Mupdf 32/64bit 1.4-ios-2741-g444e7524

17-Dec 2017
FFMPEG 32bit Version 2017-12-17-387ee1d
FFMPEG X64 Bit Version 2017-12-17-387ee1d

18-Dec 2017
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit 3.1.2rel-463-gdf9924ade
Mupdf 32/64bit 1.4-ios-2759-g308c8d8e

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