HTML Tidy for Windows


HTML Tidy is a tool that was originally written by Dave Raggett of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It is designed to fix mistakes in HTML, tidy up the layout (hence the name), assist with web accessibility, convert HTML to XHTML and many other things.

The software is now maintained by a group of volunteers working as an Open Source Community at Source Forge and this is the place to go for more information.

I try to keep my system virus free but you do check downloaded files yourself, don't you?

Download the latest version
HTML Tidy for Windows (vers 25 mar 2009)

EXE Version compiled 06 nov 2009


Install and Uninstall

These tools do not require any external libraries or environment. Just unzip them to where they are needed, preferably a folder which is in the search path.

Uninstall? Just delete the two files.

To run Tidy

This is a command line application so you will need a COMMAND.COM (Command prompt or DOS) window. Make sure that the tidy.exe is in a folder contained in the search path (defined in AUTOEXEC.BAT). The program is run using the command

C:\>tidy [-switches] file.htm

Or you can use my GUI for this program: GUITIDY
See the documentation at Source Forge for a full instruction manual.

I am unable to help with the use of this program and accept no liability for any problems with it, however caused. Use at your own risk.


for unpacking this 7z version you must have 7-zip or Simplyzip 

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