DVDAuthor is a set of tools to help you author the file and directory structure of a DVD-Video disc, including programmatic commands for implementing interactive behaviour. It is driven by command lines and XML control files, though there are other programs that provide GUI-based front ends if you prefer (see below).

Things DVDAuthor does not do:

  • Make a disc image or burn the disc: this is left to tools like mkisofs and dvd+rw-tools.
  • Assemble the video footage and convert it to the right format: there are various utilities, editors etc for doing this (see below).

Basic workflow:

  • Edit your footage into titles and convert them to the right MPEG format. Make a note of chapter points as desired. DVD-Video allows for up to 8 alternative audio tracks, which you can use for different languages, or surround-versus-simple-stereo etc.
  • Design your menu graphics, position the buttons and decide which one links where.
  • Possibly create subtitles as well, for alternative languages not covered by the audio tracks, or the hearing-impaired, or whatever. DVD-Video allows you to have up to 32 “subpicture” tracks, as it calls them (they’re stored and rendered as graphics, not text).
  • Use spumux (part of the DVDAuthor suite) to “multiplex” the subpicture tracks onto the video and also create the menus.
  • Use dvdauthor to actually put together the complete directory structure, including defining what the buttons do and marking the chapter points.
  • Test the structure using a software player (see below).
  • Once you’re confident it’ll work, actually burn the result to a DVD and try it in a consumer player.


Download version 0.7.2 (dvdauthor, mpeg2desc, spumux, and spuunmux.exe)

From Mega

From Box.net

From Google Drive

Download Mingw version 0.7.1 only DVDAuthor

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05-Nov 2017
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