CDRTOOLS with DVD Support

CDRTOOLS with DVD Support

The version 2.01.01a15 is the first version with DVD-RAM support
Version 2.01.01a16:
DVD-R/DL layer jump write capability
Version First hacky "support" for Blu Ray media
Version 3.01a06: First NON CYGWIN version. non dlls required
Version 3.01a09: NON Cygwin Version scanbus bug remove. now works

The CDRTOOLS from Jörg Schilling

Download Version 3.01a22 (NON CYGWIN VERSION) non DLL required

Download Version 3.01a22 (CYGWIN VERSION)

Download the Cygwin X64 version 3.01a22 and the DLL x64

Download version 3.01a06 and newer   --- > RSS FEED

Download the CdrTools 2.01.01a80 

Download the required Cygwin DLL only

for unpacking this complete version you must have 7-zip or Simplyzip

A GUI for the cdrtools with DVD Support you can found here:


Mirrorsite (sponsor AmoK)

If you have a question about my Guis or a problem with my compiled CDRTOOLS you my forum

An other site with the binary you can found here

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Current news

02-APR 2014
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit SVN 8671
MUPDF 32/64bit
Process Hacker 32/64Bit Revision 5625
Media Player Classic Home Cinema 32/64bit v1.7.3.172
Media Player Classic BE 32/64Bit

05-APR 2014
Double Commnder 32/64Bit revision 5498

06-APR 2014
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 37124
FFMPEG 32bit Version N-62192-g754f846
FFMPEG 64bit Version N-62192-g754f846
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit SVN 8682
MUPDF 32/64bit

08 Apr 2014
Curl 7.36.0

13-APR 2014
SumatraPDF 32/64Bit SVN 8706
MUPDF 32/64bit
Process Hacker 32/64Bit Revision 5629
Mencoder / MPLAYER 32/64bit revision 37150
FFMPEG 64bit Version N-62413-g88c4e5a
FFMPEG 32bit Version N-62192-g754f846

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