ASUS RT-N65U and RT-N56U Firmware

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ASUS RT-N65U and RT-N56U Firmware

Download the current Firmware version with english and german language

 I offer the following firmware for the RT-N65U 
RT-N65U_3.4.3.9-099.trx_Advanced.7z. This version include syslog and parted. 
Language english and german and the Kernel version 3.4.
The same but kernel 3.0: RT-N65U_3.0.3.9-099.trx_Advanced.7z
RT-N65U_3.0.3.9-099.trx_Base.7z without syslog and parted support.

And new RT-N65U with Kernel 3.4. 

And RT-N56U_3.4.3.9L-100.7Z german and english. I've tested it, works without any problem.

Screenshot RT-N65U with Kernel 3.4 Screenshot Kernel 3.0

Screenshot RT-N56U 

RT-N65U hanwckf version

RT-N65U hanwckf version

 RT-N65U with Kernel 3.4 With english and german languageRT-N65U with Kernel 3.4

Use is at your own risk. I have used the original source code from and and

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